About the Program

From Learning, Analytics, and Materials to Entrepreneurship and Leadership (FLAMEL)

One Year Traineeships Starting August 2018


PIs: Richard Fujimoto, Terry Blum, Surya Kalidindi, Wendy Newstetter, Hongyuan Zha

Project Manager: Holly Rush (holly@cc.gatech.edu)


This Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) award prepares Ph.D. students at the Georgia Institute of Technology with the tools to improve the efficiency, design, and manufacturing of new materials. While providing students with interdisciplinary training in computing, mathematics, and material sciences, the program promotes entrepreneurial approaches to developing new materials into products for the global market.

Intellectual Merit: The goal of this training program is to produce scientists and engineers who will develop and use data analytics, modeling, and simulation methods to advance the fields of materials design and manufacturing. Trainees will quantify the microstructures that comprise materials and will develop algorithms and software to represent and transform these microstructures. Additionally, trainees will explore application challenges such as creating light-weight materials for energy-efficient vehicles and accelerating the development of new technologies such as additive manufacturing.

Broader Impacts: By increasing the efficiency of materials development and manufacturing, this program contributes to America’s competitiveness in an increasingly globalized marketplace and contributes to the creation of new and sustainable materials and technologies. Moreover, this traineeship program helps students develop the skills and tools needed to pursue careers at the intersection of materials science, mathematics and computing.

Curriculum and Research

  • Trainees are required to take two courses: ME 8883 / CSE 8803 (Materials Informatics) in Fall 2018, and the Materials Informatics independent study course to be arranged for Spring 2019. These courses feature students working in interdisciplinary teams on problems in materials design and manufacturing.
  • Trainees are required to participate in a bi-weekly chalk-talk series that includes presentations by students on topics of interest to the program as well as training for communication to lay audiences
  • Students work on interdisciplinary research projects defined by program faculty.

Student Support and Activities

  • Each traineeship lasts one year.
  • Each trainee receives a stipend $30K/year (must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident)
  • The program encourages students to participate in entrepreneurship activities such as TI:GER, I-Core, or Flashpoint and a summer internship in industry.
  • Program assessment is performed by WestEd Atlanta

Application Process

  • Students must submit a FLAMEL application via the web site (due May 1, 2018)
  • Faculty propose interdisciplinary research projects, and nominate a student to work on the project; at least two co-advisors from different technical areas (Materials/Manufacturing and Computing/Mathematics) are required (project proposals due May 1).