What FLAMEL Offers to Students


FLAMEL students will receive a $2,500 per month stipend and tuition assistance.

Industry Experience and Problem-Based Learning

Georgia Tech is seeking to enhance pathways that can increase the competitiveness of the U.S. in an evolving global marketplace by building the capabilities of its engineers and scientists in potential commercialization of their ideas and inventions. FLAMEL trainees will be able to explore application challenges for creating materials in a wide number of industries. Through internships in industry and a curriculum that combines business with materials science, mathematics and computing, trainees learn how to apply their research to commercial product development.

The curriculum uses problem-based learning, an educational methodology where students learn key concepts while addressing real-world problems. This curriculum and a set of hands-on entrepreneurial experiences will enable students to readily commercialize their technical innovations. Open source software, e.g., data analytics libraries, provide a starting point for intellectual property development. An industrial internship and seminar series provide opportunities to understand and experience activities inside and outside the U.S.

Interdisciplinary Teams Developing Innovative Solutions

Students will develop the ability to formulate relevant problems in material design or manufacturing and work in interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions. Integrative courses will allow these teams to synthesize solutions and products to address problems of increasing complexity and sophistication. Students will complete the program with the capabilities to define relevant, contemporary problems in materials design and manufacturing whose solution has commercial potential. The program will potentially lead to the creation of intellectual property and software for commercialization.

Career Pipeline for Global Competitiveness

The Georgia Tech FLAMEL program seeks to address challenges within integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) through the development of a focused, interdisciplinary doctoral traineeship experience that couples a generation of technological advances in materials informatics with entrepreneurship and the translation of research innovation into products and societal impact. The program’s approach will help to define and strengthen the materials informatics field, which melds components of data science with materials design and manufacturing. Through these goals, FLAMEL will establish a pipeline for workforce development.

Core Experiences for Networking

FLAMEL students will participate in a variety of activities to enhance their doctoral program experience:

  • An annual two-day workshop for new and continuing students
  • Summer internships at top tier corporations.
  • Seminars and Distinguished Lecture Series (international and domestic speakers aimed at broadening technical and entrepreneurial topics).
  • Weekly “Chalk and Talk” Series (informal lunch meetings to discuss on-going research and other topics)