All Students

Does participation in the FLAMEL traineeship program mean it will take me longer to complete my degree program?

Although participants are required to successfully complete a few additional courses, as well as participate in program activities as described on the website, there is no reason for FLAMEL students to expect a delay in completing the requirements of their degree program. FLAMEL has been designed to blend existing elective requirements into the program, thus reducing the need for students to take many courses beyond those already required by their Ph.D. program.

Do program participants also have to work as TAs?

It depends on the Ph.D. program in which the student is enrolled. Please inquire with your home academic unit.

Will FLAMEL participants be funded beyond the initial two years?

After the initial two years of participation, we anticipate students will continue their research under the FLAMEL traineeship program and may become like other Ph.D. students who are typically funded by research grants and/or teaching assistantships.

Do students take classes from each track sequentially?

Students take classes concurrently from the different tracks.

Current Georgia Tech Students

Can external people write letters of support for my application to the program?

Yes, the program application requests three letters of support. The student’s current research advisor must write one of those letters, but either internal or external (non-GT) people may write the remaining two letters.

Can my current faculty advisor supervise me?

Yes, a student’s current advisor may advise a student participating in the FLAMEL program.