2015 Hackathon

The FLAMEL program held a two-day hackathon, Dec 11 and 14, where approximately 20 students worked together on the development of PyMKS and resolved some of the issues on the Github repositor(https://github.com/materialsinnovation/pymks/issues).

The hackathon drew students interested in learning about Python, PyMKS, Github and/or general software development practices.  Issues presented at the hackathon ranged from changing only a few lines of code to restructuring a major portion of the GitHub project.

Significant progress made at the hackathon:

- Homogenization example using polymer composite.

- Localization example using the generalized spherical harmonics basis with a hexagonal metal.

- Microstructure evolution example using simulated data from an Ising model.

- Structure evolution example using simulated data from a molecular dynamics simulation.

- Structure classification example using metallic glass SEM images.

- Two-point statistics example using steel SEM images.

- Improved documentation

- PyMKS now skips tests related to SfePy when it's not installed

- PyMKS is now compatible with Python 2 and Python 3.

- New structure analysis class was added.

- Minor tweaks to the API for consistency across the package.

- Improved memory management.