FLAMEL Workshop Recap

Georgia Tech's FLAMEL program, an NSF IGERT, held their annual workshop on Friday, March 4, 2016.  The workshop was successful in bringing together faculty and students interested in research at the intersection of materials design and manufacturing and the intersection of computation and mathematics, especially in the area of materials informatics. 

Following the luncheon and the program update given by Dr. Richard Fujimoto, the program's second cohort formed a panel in which they answered questions on the materials informatics class taken in the fall 2015.  They also shared brief presentations on their research, discussing what is working, what is not working, and things that could improve the program.  The participating students were:  Perry Ellis, Peter Griffiths, Robert Pienta and Christopher Shartrand.

The workshop also included short technical presentations by faculty who are advising the program's second year students.  The presentations given were as follows:

  • “Process-Structure-Property Relations in Polymer Organic Electronics” – Elsa Reichmanis (on behalf of Martha Grover)
  • “IDEAS:  MD3 - A new GT-Industry Consortium” – Surya Kalidindi
  • “Effects of Confinement on Model of Macromolecular Dynamics” - Edmond Chow
  • “Atomistic and Mesoscale Modeling of Structure Property Relationships in Materials” – Chaitanya Deo (on behalf of Hamid Garmestani)

The workshop concluded with a faculty panel who talked about maximizing the impact and visibility of the FLAMEL program.  Specifically, discussions ranged from achieving a better understanding of the emerging field of materials informatics, to maximizing synergies and collaborations among faculty to build strong interdisciplinary teams of a cohesive research community.  The panelists were:  Dr. Surya Kalidindi, Dr. Elsa Reichmanis, Dr. Polo Chau, Dr. JC Lu and Dr. Suman Das.